Late last year, the King of the red soles expanded his brand to include a beauty line introducing nail polishes and earlier this month, the brand has gone on to include a new range of lipsticks for its beauty line. The covetable lipsticks come in vial shaped packages with ribbons attached to them, they also come in 38 colours  and are priced at £60. You can shop the lipsticks online at Selfridges and Net-a-porter



Gold-Group-Sheer-Escatin-Matte-Bengali-Satin-Impera-louboutin-6aug15-pr_b Rouge_3_Finishes_Group-louboutin-6aug15-pr_b Rouge_Lipstick_Nail_Polish_Group-louboutin-6aug15-pr_b Rouge_Satin_Lipstick_Ribbon-louboutin-6aug15-pr_b








Photo Source: Vogue Uk

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