January 9, 2017

Boy have I been waiting for the lookbook of this collection. Maki oh is undeniably one of my favourite Nigerian designers and I had been eager to see the pictures of her collection from Lagos fashion and design week but alas she had a private viewing for her collection at the concept store Alara Lagos which meant viewing the pictures right away was not going to happen :(.

Fast forward to this week, the photos were released on Nigeria’s top fashion website Bella Naija….yayyy! lol. Inspired by  Aso ebi clothing which is now world renowned for the part it plays in our wedding and party culture, her spring/summer collection is an interesting take on it.


Her signature adire prints were present as well as the fringe details this time with embellishment, however this collection was much more different from the others as she introduced street wear and sports luxe pieces…there’s even a pair of 90’s style stir up pants! . Check out the full look book below xx.



maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-01 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-03 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-04 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-05 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-06 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-07 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-08 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-09 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-010 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-011 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-012 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-013 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-014 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-015 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-016 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-017 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-018 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-019 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-020 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-021 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-022 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-023 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-024 maki-oh-springsummer-2017-bn-style-bellanaija-com-025




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