Growing up I was unaware of the social, political and economic issues women faced as I was raised by my family to be an individual without any limitations to what I can do as a woman. However once I got into the real world, through personal experiences and those of others I found that world had its rules on what a woman can do or what she deserves. Being a Bible believing Christian, I believe God made Man and Woman blessing them equally with abilities to excel at whatever they set out to do.

Hence, I never understood in some instances Men are paid more in the same job role as a Woman, certain responsibilities are not given to women on the basis that we are emotionally wired differently. There are also instances where women are advised against certain job roles  or opportunities as these are ‘for men only…the examples are endless.

I have always considered fashion to be a powerful tool for self expression. For Fall 2017, Designers have taken positive advantage of this by creating an awareness of women’s rights and equality on clothing such as logo t-shirts I am wearing today. It may not solve the problem immediately however the creation of awareness would go a long way to empower women with knowledge of how limitless they are as humans.

I love all the trends for Fall ’17 and I have to admit all the blazer’s I have spotted at fashion week have me reaching for mine. This one by Reiss has to be my favourite with it structured cut and gold buttons.  I am still on a hiatus from skinny jeans with this wide legged style by Levis. I have finished off the look with a mini bag by Chloe, mules by Massimo Dutti and sunnies by Celine.

Feminist – Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.” — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie







Jacket: Reiss shop Here//Jeans shop Here//T-shirt: Topshop shop similar Here//Bag: Chloe shop Here//Mules: Massimo Dutti shop Here//Sunglasses: Celine shop Here


*Looks curated by F.Campbell

*Photos by Will Wilson Photos

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