Tv Fashion…Our Silent Stylists

Movies are great and all, but we can’t deny the fact that we can’t imagine life without our series. Is it just the great plots and romantic scenes that have us hooked…dare I say there’s more to it? In my few years as a series devotee, I couldn’t help but notice the fact that I was drawn to some certain series (the ‘vampy’ one exclusive…Vamps barely have style of any sort, but I heart them anyway)…think more of Gossip Girl, Mad Men and Glee! Just to mention a few.

These days, designers don’t have to wait for fashion shows (though these are inevitable) to get us salivating over their latest designs and trends, Serena strutting her stuff on fifth avenue will do! I’m sure I’m not alone on this; I believe most of us eagerly await the latest episodes not just to see what will transpire between Blair and Chuck yet again, but also unconsciously to ogle what hot trends the Fashionistas will be sporting next…

Blair and Serena from gossip girl

The ever dapper Chuck

we want blair’s Victoria Beckham dress

Gossip Girl for one never disappoints when it comes to the latest fashion, especially with the hottest designers vying to dress the actors of the show. The Gossip Girl cast once again show us how it’s done in the latest season-4, here, Blair has evidently left her preppy days behind and her style has evolved, it’s classier and way cooler than it used to be. Serena well…remains Serena, ever-daring and glam (Notice the power shouldered blazer and cropped pants).
These two TV Fashionistas are not the only ones bringing it, other GG actors; Vanessa, Lily and even the guys (which is essentially Chuck!) are ever stylish. Gossip girl gives amazing style pointers to those of age group late teens to twentyish’.

Tina from Glee


Will Shuester

Everybody loves Glee! (Who wouldn’t?) Glee fashion which is very age appropriate is definitely more subtle and toned-down than that of Gossip Girl. The actors in Glee (both gals and guys) each have very definite styles that show-off their personalities – which is what true style is actually all about! Rachel, Emma, Quinn, Mercedes, Sue Sylvester…not forgetting Mr. Schuster or even Puck show us every episode that your style should be YOU; it’s what makes you different(I’m beginning to sound like Mr. Schu!)

Just to point out a few, we can’t but help love Rachel’s very nerdy preppy style which essentially composes of knee-high socks, detailed shirts/tees, tartan (or very ‘printy’) cardis and mini-skurts; Emma is always totally cute (and obsessive); her pencil skirt, cardigan and midi heels (plus her amazingly comical brooch collection) ensemble give her a more mature look considering the fact that she’s the guidance counselor. Mercedes’ all your face/badass girl style is the direct opposite of Quinn’s, who is always going for a sweeter look with soft colors like pink, white etc. Plus one can’t but notice Mr.Shue’s famous waistcoat collection.

This isn’t to say we should become style stereotyped (never forget that variety’s tha’ spice of life) just remain true to your style…you know, be Original.

Finally, this piece wouldn’t be complete if I dare leave out Mad Men, initially we all kinda snubbed it, but our once cynical views of the show have definitely worn off. Aside from the great plot, Mad Men has absolutely brought retro back! (Ask Marc Jacobs when next you see him around…his latest collection is all retro!). Set in the sixties, we get to see what our grandparents wore back then that made them look ‘hip’.




Thanks to Joan, Betty and Peggy we are definitely going back in time, as they’ve initiated the return of the 60s vavavoom and glamour; the hour-glassy pencil skurts’, pleats, bold prints (especially florals), shifts and matte make-up.
The just concluded New York Fashion week had a larger part of the designers getting great inspiration from the show (Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christopher Kane amongst others). You can too, in your styling efforts.
So I’d conclude by saying watch on, haul out style ideas and tips from these amazing TV shows; all the while staying original and true to you. Finally, we should never forget the quote by the great CoCo Chanel…”True Style never goes out of Fashion!”


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