It’s been a long six months of readjusting to our new lives with quarantine and lockdown restrictions. I would be honest, the initial stages of lockdown was filled with uncertainty not just about daily living but the future of fashion.

My favourite thing about humans is our resilience and ability to adapt while creating a new way of doing things. The fashion world has had its challenges during this period, but it has been able to surmount a number of  obstacles brought on by the Pandemic.

I have found the resilence empowering and while it looks like how lives might be slowed down for more time than we thought, I’ve been more than determined to make the best of our current situation.

With that in mind, transitioning to Fall style is going on as usual for me. While I have been working from home since March, the relaxed lockdown restrictions in the UK gives us the chance to carry on with a slight semblance to our former lives.

Another benefit of being at home has been to take time work on my personal style and  reorganising my closet. Over time, I have found 5 key ways to get my closet in tip top shape ahead of a new season

The first step is to detox as much as possible. We often tend to hang on to some outfits because we believe they would later on come in handy, we are working towards losing weight to fit into it or in some cases we actually forgot we bought certain items.

Keep the clothes you need for the season within proximity. Theres nothing more annoying than having to go through a bunch of Summer clothes to find your Trench coat of fall. Once the season starts to change, I store away clothes for the previous season, an absolute time saver.

Another fun approach is to organise your outfits by category, this has also been a go to for me. I currently have them organised as Lounge wear (since we are mostly home these days), Work out clothes, Casual clothes, going out and Party clothes. I have since stored my work clothes as we currently work from home.


Take a fun approach by arranging, hanging and folding in a colour coordinated manner. On the plus side, this helps you spend less time looking for what to wear

Take care – Silk, Cashmere, be sure to consider the fabric composition of your outfits when storing your outfits. An added benefit, it contributes the longevity of your clothes


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Top: H & M//Culottes: Zara//Mules: Jimmy Choo// Pouch: Shop similar here//Sunglasses: Shop similar here

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