2016 was truly the year of the woman! From Hilary Clinton breaking the glass ceiling by running for the position which would have had her become the first female President of America, to Beyoncé unashamedly re iterating and advocating for women’s rights and equality through her music and a general uprising of women around the globe bravely standing up for what they believe in while breaking boundaries.


Listening to and reading other women’s stories  who are no longer held back by fear and society’s view on what they should be doing as women has given me a new found strength and I also had to re learn and re teach myself on refuting many of the standards and steoreotypes society has created for women. It also gave me an extra level of respect for my Mother and Grandmother who are great examples of strong and fearless women who constantly encourage me not to live life based on society’s terms for women.


My outfit this week reflects my new found strength, empowerment and dare I say the Liberty I feel from being extremely proud to be a woman in 2016 🤗. My bomber Jacket is coincidentally from Beyoncé’s active wear line Ivy Park, I have worn it over a body suit by Wolford and pencil skirt by Zara to accentuate my waist and create a balance between my shoulders and hips. For accessories, I have gone with a vintage clutch and ankle lace up boots by Marks and Spencer ~ Okay ladies now let’s get in Formation 🙅🏾🎶





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