Colour me bleu !!!

I sewed this dress due to lack of nothing to wear to church( i tend to do this alot…lol ),been seriously in love with this shade of blue for a bit found this fabric at the fabric shop and decided to whip this dress up and pair it with Leopard print pumps, im so into 50’s/60’s fashion i love love dresses with flares hence the result…. something similar is in our new collection!!

The wind in Liverpool has been crazy for the past two days!! and this didnt let me take enough pictures i practically had to hold my dress all the way home after Church lols

Protecting my ‘virtue’ lools

Have a Fab week guys

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  1. May 1, 2011 / 8:58 pm

    :O wooooow i love the dress !!!! its amazing !!! i wish i could sew ( well i can but not sew to your level of sewing looool )

    you look beautiful xoxo

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