The past couple of years has seen a decline in the production of printed magazines with the increase in preference for digital fashion content by consumers. I never knew the severity of this until I searched for a new issue of Instyle Uk early last year and I couldn’t seem to find any copies. Shortly after, I came across the news that Hearst had stopped printing copies of the magazine and only digital versions were available :(… so sad as Instyle Uk had amazing editorials.

As much as I am a technology junkie, reading printed copies of magazines give me the utmost satisfaction. Including a monthly figure for magazine purchase in my budget, I always have a magazine in my bag to read during events such as my lunch break at work or time waiting at the dentists office or during flights while I’m off on holiday.With Summer underway, I am even excited to see editorials, advertisements and articles on the new season. Check out the magazines I am currently reading!x


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