We all woke up one day and life as we normally knew it changed…albeit temporarily but it was quite a dramatic change. Movies about Pandemic’s came true to life with the onset of the Coronavirus/ Covid-19 and collectively forced us all to take a break, coupled with an enforced lockdown.

I’m an introvert by nature so I assumed it would be an easy initial 3 weeks as stated for the lockdown, but I came to find out that I only love being an introvert by will and not when I have to be one . The  first week was pretty difficult with me having to adjust to the new routine brought about by quarantine .

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and I realised that I only started to get comfortable with the lockdown after the 3rd week. Here are a couple tips that have gotten me going which would hopefully someone out there who is still finding it difficult x



A change in mindset

I saw a quote on instagram about changing your mindset on being stuck at home because of the lockdown, to you are safe at home from the virus and to help save the lives of others by not spreading it.

This is very important and it changed my perspective. Seeing the numbers of those infected as well as the casualties constantly on a rise, the best we can do humanity and ourselves is to stay home to keep each other alive.

Stay Grateful

This has been a game changer and a mood lifter for me during this lockdown period. Moments when I’m on the verge of complaining, I remind myself  to be thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, internet (which I cannot live without lol) and the ability to work from home during quarantine. Gratitude helps me live in the present and gives me strength and hope to get through the lockdown

Relax…no pressure

There are so many PSA’s on social media about how to be overly productive during this lock down. While its a great time to take on new projects, start a new course or business, its actually okay to do nothing.

The truth is we are all going through something that significantly shifted our lives. Pace yourself, take it on all slowly and give yourself time to adapt to the what we now know as our temporary new way of life.

Self care is true love

Whatever this means for you, from make shift d.i.y home spa sessions to binge watching your favourite shows. Do what brings you joy, its the best time to indulge

Stay active, stay healthy

It has been scientifically proven that exercise improves ones mood and I can attest to that. This makes it the perfect anecdote for coping with this surreal lockdown occurrence. Couple this with immune boosting fruits, vegetable and meals to keep you healthy

Stay connected

FaceTime and Zoom are 21st century necessities I am extremely thankful for. Its been great to be able to stay visually in touch with family, friends and colleagues as often as possible.

Keep your head up, better days are coming! x

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