‘I don’t know how to translate it into my everyday style?’… ‘I’ve got color-phobia’… ‘I don’t want to go around looking like a clown!’ Your reaction is probably one of these three or something in-between. Color blocking is undeniably one of this season’s hottest trends and while we know trends are fleeting it doesn’t hurt to enjoy ‘em while they last. Color blocking, how do I make it work??? Anyways while you ponder on that, I have been able to come up with a few ideas that could answer your questions…

 In a bid to adopt the trend do not compromise your personal style…what do I mean? You could be a vintage lover, a boho chic, or an unrepentantly girly girl; stay that way (it’s who you are and what you love!)… instead you could get color blocked pieces that come in your style such as a color blocked full skirt for the vintage lover or a color blocked tank dress for the sporty chic.

Incorporate the trend in your accessories while wearing more muted toned clothes. This helps you remain simple and tres chic…and by accessories I mean jewellery, shoes, bags, headgear etc

 If you can’t find single color blocked items, you can DIY (do-it-yourself) by combining pieces that come in different colors together. Please ladies; this is by no means a license for excesses…

 You could also take a cue from spring/summer 2011 fashion shows, loads of designers showcased the trend. Note… take a cue not pinch the whole look…just be inspired by them and get some direction as to how to put your look together.

Take a little risk…and feel fabulous while doing so! That’s the upside of color blocking, its risky and risky is exciting… Have fun pitching crazy colours together….ps: true style never goes outta fashion


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  1. May 11, 2011 / 5:26 pm

    i loved this post 🙂

    im going to have a go at colour blocking looool will post it soon , i hope it doesnt look bad xoxo

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