My favourite fashion and heritage house Valentino staged its 2017 pre-fall collection in New York yesterday afternoon at the newly refurbished Beekman hotel. Since the perfect duo creative design duo Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli split up 6 months ago leaving Pierpaolo as the sole creative director at Valentino, the fashion world has been keenly intrested in how they would survive alone in their respective new positions.


Pierpaolo’s first delivery which was the Spring/Summer 2017 collection back in October was an astounding success and he has shown he can handle the role alone. Following up with the pre-fall 2017 collection inspired by New York being the land of freedom and opportunity and the collection did reflect this. Floral floaty pieces, dresses layered with bralets, wide legged pants over slip on shoes and oh that gorgeous red dress, check out my top picks from the collection!x





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*Photos sourced from Vogue

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